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PBS Plant Oil

Extraction Rooms

Welcome to PBS Industries. PBS Industries is quickly becoming a National Leader of C1D1 plant oil extraction rooms. PBS has been in business for over 20 years providing professional installation, service and maintenance of ventilated rooms for a variety of industries.

PBS has painstakingly developed a line of Safe, Code Compliant and customizable C1D1 plant oil extraction rooms, Fume Hoods and Bench Booths to serve the cannabis and hemp industries. From manufacturing, installation, maintenance and compliance consulting our expert staff will be there to help every step of the way. PBS Industries, your one stop partner in getting you up and running and ready for business.


What We Offer


Standard Size Peer Reviewed C1D1 Extraction Rooms

Customizable C1D1 Extraction Rooms. Peer Review available if necessary

Standard and Custom size C1D2 rooms

Fume Hoods

Bench Booths

Parts, Components and Accessories

Nationwide Professional Installation

Quick quotes and customer service


 C1D1/C1D2 Extraction Rooms

Our extraction rooms come in four standard sizes, but we can build to your specifications. Whatever you need in an extraction room, if PBS doesn’t already have it, we will do our best to make it happen. 


Fume Hoods/Bench Booths

High quality and custom designed for post production, CRC Powder, and your grow facility, our Fume Hoods and Bench Booths are affordable and easy to install. When safety and ventilation is essential, we've got you covered.


Parts, Components, Accessories

Only needing a few pieces to complete the puzzle? We have the parts and components for our Extraction Rooms, Fume Hoods, and Bench Booths. From sensors, controllers, and lights, to motors, fans, and so much more, make PBS your one-stop shop.

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PBS is proud to be associated with Scientific Solutions and PRV Engineers


PBS Industries complies to these code requirements:

IFC, 2018
NFPA 1, 2018
NFPA 30, 2018
NFPA 33, 2018
NFPA 55, 2019
NFPA 58, 2020
NFPA 70, 2017
NEMA 250, 2018
UL 1389
IBC 2018
IMC 2018
OSHA CFR29.1910.107

Ready to find out more?

PBS Industries is confident that once you contact us you will feel secure in the products and services we offer.

PBS Industries offers a free consultation and walk-through of our products.



PBS & Spray-Tech Are Joining Forces As Combined Finishing Company

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